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LREC welcomes UW graduate as new Sheep Unit manager

Kalli Koepke, LREC Sheep Unit Manager

Nov. 12 is Kalli Koepke’s official first day as the full-time Sheep Unit manager at the Laramie Research & Extension Center (LREC).  Koepke, a native of Matheson, CO., grew up on a family farm and ranch. She later graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences with an emphasis in production.  While attending UW, Koepke worked at the sheep unit and really enjoyed her experience.

“I love working with animals and feel I have been educated well in sheep production through my work experiences.” says Koepke. Prior to applying for the full-time job, Koepke served as temporary manager when the position was vacated.

“Kalli’s a hard worker” said Dave Moore, LREC Farm Manager. “She gained a lot of experience as a student, and she’s the first person I thought of to fill in”.

Koepke’s position is integral to LREC, “In addition to routine care of the animals she is responsible for integrating activities associated with research and teaching.” says Agricultural Experiment Station’s interim research leader Gary Moss. “She is also the point person for producer related activities which include two annual ram tests, and maintaining and improving the Wyoming Wool Growers purebred Targhee flock housed at the center.”

White-faced ewe with her lambs at the LREC Sheep Unit

Koepke’s duties are not limited to just sheep care, she will be interacting with UW faculty and students conducting sheep research as well as assisting with sheep classes.  LREC also makes sheep available for multiple classes interested in studying things like ruminant nutrition, reproduction, genetics, meats, as well as providing animals for judging practice and contests.

The LREC Sheep Unit is located approximately 2 miles west of town on highway 230. If you are interested in touring the sheep facility, contact Koepke at (307) 766-3706 or kkoepke@uwyo.edu.